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Detailed set up instructions

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to connect your MAG250 set top box to our service.

  1. Disconnect the power lead on the MAG250 and then reconnect it.
  2. When the screen stops saying “loading” and says “press menu to load portal selection screen” press menu. Then press System settings, then press servers, then press portals.
  3. Type tv.fever-pitch.com into Portal 1 URL or Portal 2 URL field. If there is space for a portal name type Fever-Pitch. You can connect USB keyboard to the box or use virtual keyboard (keyboard button on the remote). If you want to use either our service or another one put our portal details into the empty field.
  4. Select and press “OK” button to save the changes.
  5. If you do not update the software disconnect the power lead and reconnect. Your MAG250 will load up your UKTV set top box portal. Thats it!