Watch & listen to more than 100 UK TV & radio stations anywhere, anytime


Catchup TV means never missing your favourite programme, because of a scheduling conflict or poor internet connection.


Don’t have a UKTV box? We offer the latest MAG 250 which steams all free UK TV and radio channels. Shipping and delivery done through Spanish Correos.


Try Fever-Pitch UKTV service FREE for four days, including HD channels and services such as Catchup TV.

Fever-pitch is ideal for…

… residents, vacationers and rental companies. Dedicated servers in the UK stream to a small box next to a TV, no matter where it be, the big city or country.

More benefits!

1.1Mbs (495 MB in 1 hour) gets high quality resolution; 3.2Mbs (1440 MB in 1 hour) means HD service.
HDMI and WiFi adapter included.
Service & support in English.


Is set up complicated?

No. Just plug the cable into the TV and press play on the remote control to see all of the BBC’s, ITV’s, Channel 4’s, plus RTE’s, PBS America and film channels.

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Other products & services…


Unlimited 3G Spain

Click on the image to take advantage of Movistar’s 3G network.  Gain internet access in even the most remote areas with download speeds up to 10MB, more than enough for our UKTV service.

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Movistar with Benefits

Click on the image to learn about our plans that include free calls to the UK & Spain with unlimited ADSL through Spain’s largest telecom provider, Movistar.