Frequently Asked Questions

Will your boxes work with any TV?

Yes. They come with both an HDMI cable for newer TV’s and a RCA cable for older models. There’s no need to download any software to watch and listen to the service or splurge for a next generation Smart TV.

What if I don’t have internet service?

Fever-Pitch works with the major mobile and telecommunication companies. Visit our sister site, to learn about our ADSL and landline packages. Or if you prefer a 3G connection, has the solution.

What’s the deal with the asterisk after four day free trial?

Due to the way our billing system works, all trials have to end on the last day of each month. Therefore, if you are interested in taking advantage of all four days, make sure it doesn’t fall within this cutoff date.

What exactly is Catchup TV?

It’s more than a recording service. The advantage of downloading from Catchup is that it is not recording from a live feed but downloading of a saved file so you do not have to remember to record when the programme goes out live.

Are there other benefits?

Yes. Catchup gives you the ability to watch the downloaded file from a USB hard disk or something similar. This means that your internet connection does not come into the picture. Even if you don’t have the 3M + internet speed for HD service, you can still download the programme and watch it in HD quality later. You can also download whole series, films and sports events to watch later or keep forever.

Do I need to do anything once I get the MAG box?

If you have purchased a box from us you do not need to change the portal settings. If you already have a box please follow the instructions on how to register your box with our portal details and then reboot the set top box.

How do I register for the service?

Go to Set up (register) a username with your email address and a password then login to the portal with these details, add the MAC address of your set top box (STB) and you will then have our 4 day trial activated. Click here for screenshots of the process.

What if I can’t connect to the internet?

Go to System settings-networks-wireless-auto dhcp. Here it will ask you to input the password you chose during registration. Play around with it, unplugging to reboot until you have internet connection.

What happens at the end of the four day free trial?

Please return to a and where it say “add subscription” purchase a subscription via Paypal.

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