Want to watch and listen to UK TV and radio channels abroad?

Fever-Pitch offers a four day free trial* to try both our standard and HD service.  

Compare the quality of the streaming from our servers in the UK with a dedicated bandwidth.  

1.1MB is the minimum for the standard channels, 3.2MB for HD quality.
We offer various pricing plans to suite your needs from pay as you go to receiving a discount for multi-month purchases.
Our MAG250 UKTV boxes come preconfigured with our service.

IPTV pricing plans

Time Standard service HD service
1 month €19.99 €25.99
6 months €119.94 €109.99 (€18.31 per month) €155,94 €142.99 (€23.83 per month)
12 months €239,88 €199.99 (€16.67 per month) €311.88 €311.88 €259.99 (€21.67 per month)

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Our service works with the Mag250/254/270 boxes. Click here buy one from us or use the box you already have.


Purchase and delivery is done through the Spanish post office (Correos). This ensures deliver anywhere on the Iberian peninsula and the Canary Islands.

watch tv

Once plugged in, begin to watch and listen to all major free to air UK TV and radio channels streamed live and direct into your home.

Catchup TV

The perfect solution for times of poor internet connectivity or when the time difference conflicts with your daily routine. You’re not recording a live stream but downloading from a server. If you have satellite, you can programme the download when there’s no restriction on data transfer (usually during the night).

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